Pregnant with Cancer

Hi there!
My name is Whitney, and we were diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 26 weeks. My girl is happy, healthy and a fighter…she saved my life. Nessa is our miracle and my husband is the strongest man on the planet.
After a terribly difficult pregnancy and knowing something was wrong, we received the diagnosis and our team got to work. We immediately had major debulking surgery (one tumor the size of a football and the other a grapefruit), followed by three cycles of chemo, an induced and painful 32 hour labor, full hysterectomy, finished off by three more cycles of chemo – I had never felt so low. Thanks to Zoloft, amazingly real women supporting me, and as much therapy / self-care that’s allowed with a baby, I am finally getting back my strength and sense of self.
We are thankful for every day and hopeful this is a part of our past. It’s a choice to move forward and not let the C haunt each day or every moment.
My advice? Keep fighting, ladies, you can beat this! Raise your voice! Share your story! Don’t let this terrible disease define you or hinder your ability to be the superhero you already are…
All our love and strength,
Nessy, Bryan & Whitney