Laura Vivas Cuevas's story


One year ago, I began this long trail when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was a tough year, very hard, but it is over and I overcame the disease. Today I am thankful for life. Now a year has passed, I am writing my story. I want to share it with all patients who now are going through this process. It has been a hard and tough process but with great strength, faith, and love for life, it can be overcome. A big hug and courage. Yes, you CAN!

One year ago, like a regular day, very early in the morning, without permission or preparation, just like that, I learned: I had CANCER! And how was it possible to understand the word without fear and uncertainty?

I remember our meeting, it and me. It was that kind of encounter that you never want to have but they happen: the sonogram room, your body’s image on the screen, looking great: the hidden enemy growing in, without my consent, without even any warning it seized me. I was so surprised, stunned, speechless … thousand questions without an answer and there we were, the two very close together, hand by hand. Knowing that we had to begin a hard, hard road, and so we started facing a long and hard battle for many months full of operating rooms, doctors, tests, needles, drugs, travels, and every 21 days the battle, the fighting day directly against you.

I received life drop by drop coming through my veins but, paradoxically, in spite of winning that fight, I was slowly deteriorating. I lost my hair, I had aches, pains, and fear became a big issue.

I hated you for every tear shed, for every sleepless night, for each day away from my son, for the mirror reminding me how bad I looked.But we just spent our time, months passed, and the big day came, June 5: Our long-awaited final battle for me. The day we dropped our hands. That hand you have been holding all these months reminding me that life is so short and death is there, very close, waiting for all.

I remember the excitement of that day when I opened my eyes and saw the day light, reaching the chemo room and waiting for the most desired seven hours: you left me, you were my enemy! I was FREE and felt quietness and peace, proud of my accomplishment. I repeated to myself a thousand times: you did it!

Then, I started getting better every day. The pain was going away, my hair began to grow back my security, fears fainted, and life smiled me again but with a different face than I knew before. I’m stronger. I have learned to enjoy the most plain and simple things.

Now, in spite of all, I can only count my blessings and feel that my life makes sense, that no matter what happens, I can always move on.

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