I am a survivor – Lynn's story

I am fortunately enough to be about 4 years NED from stage 3C high grade serious ovarian cancer. On January 29, 2015 I started vomiting and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. The doctor thought initially it was my appendix but a CT scan showed a 14 cm mass on my right ovary. I was told by my gynecologist oncologist that if it was cancer I would have a total hysterectomy. On February 15,2015 she had found a marble size cancer inside of the blood filled mass. The cancer was also in my lymph nodes. About a month later, I had to endure yet another stent under the knife. Due to the fact that I’m a diabetic, my wound didn’t heal right so, I got suture retainer stitches put in. Next, of course there was a matter of a rehab for 2 weeks and a wound vac along with a few amazing visiting nurses. Last minor surgery was for my port to deliver my chemo. 16 rounds of carbol-taxol chemo along with several steroids mixed in my cocktail and I finally began to feel normal again. I’d like to thank my boss Francine for holding my job for me(went back in the 10th round of treatment). and, my caregiver and longtime bf Dennis for being there for me during my rough journey.

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