Gisella Toso's story

I found out I had ovarian cancer stage III-B due to a stomachache. As many of other patients it got me by surprise. I was glad Dr. Gino Venegas removed the tumor and performed a marvelous surgery and after all the chemotherapy now I am in remission. I used to go regularly to my medical checkups but never occurred to me before to make an appointment with an oncologist. It makes such a big difference, the exams of a gynecology oncologist include a lot of major aspects and that is what you always need to keep in mind. Always search for a gynecologic oncologist remember prevention is key to save your life and most of the times we find out about this silent disease too late.
Do not stop fighting, keep the faith, be strong. My family gives me strength. I feel grateful for every day I can live close to my family. I pray to see my son become an adult and to
Do not forget to continue with your medical checkups, I know they are stressful and you get really tired but they are the only way to make sure you can continue healthy.
Try to stay positive do not let any negative feelings get in your mind, if you need to cry do it, do not hold your feelings, let everything out and then continue fighting. Remember that you are warrior and nothing can defeat you!
Remember that everything will pass, time really flies so don’t worry it will be just a nightmare and you will wake up with the new opportunity to fulfill your dreams, to complete everything you want to and to live your life with your love ones!
I thank my husband, my son, my parents, my entire family for all their love. Love really makes us strong!

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