As told by Gordon – Seuna's story

My wife Seuna was diagnosed with ovarian cancer IIIC in October, 2013. For the next four years she lived a life she had not sought, but did so with a bravery, tenacity and humour I had not thought possible. Throughout it all she had a deep belief that a cure for ovarian cancer was ‘just around the corner’ and attempting to discover this, while containing her disease, became her quest. Mine is to continue her legacy and to that end I have published a book, Way Down Inside, detailing the many treatments she tried and all the things she discovered in four years of research on the internet, including discussions and interviews with medical and scientific experts.


I believe that her quest to find a cure for ovarian cancer was not in vain. That the four years she spent scouring the internet, reading, investigating and interviewing produced priceless information which could benefit countless women in the same boat: everywhere she went and all that she tried too. Time is such a crucial factor when you are dealing with this disease and any time saved by eliminating practices that are pointless could be vital. This feisty, wonderful, remarkable woman’s gut feeling was always spot on about many things and it was from there that a primeval desire to be there for her daughters emanated – a driving force that she retained to the very end.

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