Alicia's story

My name is Elías Benveniste. In the early of 2000, at 44, my wife, Alicia started to feel back pain. The x-rays did not show any illness. One month Later, she started having severe
abdominal pain. The studies and blood tests gave “strange” results, inexplicable for doctors.

There was no reason to go to the gynecologist. The most exact diagnosis was “irritable colon with fatty liver”. I didn´t trust in it. Alicia was feeling so tired and had pain, I took her to the clinic, and demanded a clear and precise diagnosis.

After an hour, the doctor informed us that Alicia had ovarian cancer with liver metastases. Upon hearing the diagnosis, she promised herself to comply with the chemotherapy, fight
against the disease, and recover to help other women to cope with their cancer. She didn´t know that she had few months of live. After many chemotherapy sessions and hospital visits,
on August 5, 2000 she stopped suffering.

Alicia was a strong and wonderful woman, wife, good idishe mother and a very dear woman among her friends and family. I was told that “Alicia gave in her short life what others do not
give in many years”. I started to seek information about this disease, to create a new group to inform about ovarian cancer symptoms and risk factor.

Most of women still think the Papanicolau test (Pap test) can detect ovarian cancer. So, education is very, very important. In 2010, I published the first website in Spanish with
ovarian cancer information, receiving 50,000 visits from Spanish-speaking people from all the world, and 400 emails with testimonies.

With my sons, we founded ACILCO in 2013, the 1st civil association in Argentina to raise awareness about ovarian cancer, not only for women, but for men who love their wives,
mothers and daughters. The wound I have, due Alicia’s death, is visible, but it’s closed. The wound caused by her terrible and unjust suffering will continue to bleed forever.

For media enquiries please contact: cmackay@worldovariancancercoalition.