Alicia's story

My name is Elias Benveniste, I am 61, 2 children, 3 grandchildren. I am a Satellite Communication Engineer since 34 years ago.

I used to talk about Satellite Communications, in Argentina´s universities and also in the George Washington University (D.C.) during the 90s. It was impossible for me to think that one day I would be talking about ovarian cancer.

In early 2000, at age 44, my wife Alicia started having severe back pain. After initial studies, no trauma was found. Some weeks later, she had abdominals discomfort, and her blood tests had strange results. We visited several professionals from different specialties in Argentina. There was no reason to go to the gynecologist.

The most accurate diagnosis we received was “irritable colon with fatty liver”.

That diagnosis did not satisfy me, I did not accept it.

I took my wife to a clinic and I told them I would not leave the clinic without an accurate diagnosis. Within half an hour, and after some tests, a doctor informed us that she had ovarian cancer with liver metastases.

Upon hearing the diagnosis, Alicia promised herself to perform the treatment. She expressed her desire to fight against the disease and to be recovered, in order to help other women to face their cancer with the same force that she was willing to do it.

We were not informed, at that moment that the cancer was in a high stage.

After a few months of treatment with very strong and continuous pain, on August 5th, 2000, her suffering ended.

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